1 Kid Making A Difference

An extraordinary story of how one girl raised $15,000, built 2 schools in Haiti, and inspired her generation to make a world of difference.

Stuck inside on a family camping trip due to miserable weather, 9 year old Taylor DeVos resorted to watching television to pass the time. Unable to change the channel, Taylor was forced to take in World Vision programming promoting child sponsorship. As the minutes passed, Taylor was confronted with the reality of poverty around the world, and her own privilege as a Canadian citizen. Taylor’s heart broke as she realized that necessities she took for granted everyday like clean water, food, housing and education are not available to many of the world’s poorest residents.

Instead of spending Sundays playing outside like other kids, Taylor would be glued to her television set, eagerly taking in the images World Vision placed in front of her from around the globe. As her 10th birthday approached, Taylor expressed a short and simple birthday list: To sponsor a child through World Vision. Taylor’s parents granted her birthday wish, and that is how Taylor met Mesline.

Taylor and Mesline formed an immediate bond, becoming reliable pen pals. As often as possible, Taylor would mail a letter from Canada, which Mesline would receive in Haiti before returning the favour. As their friendship bloomed, Taylor realized that she was able to buy additional gifts for Mesline, above and beyond simple sponsorship. Recognizing the glaring need to rebuild schools in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, Taylor devised an ambitious plan. She would direct her efforts towards building two schools in Haiti.

Under the name One Kid Making a Difference, Taylor set a $15,000 fundraising goal. With tremendous help and support, Taylor was able to reach her ambitious goal and made two sizable donations in June 2014 that contributed to the construction of two Haitian schools.

Since then, One Kid Making a Difference has allowed Taylor a large platform from which to champion social justice.

  • In 2017, Taylor was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada.
  • In 2015, Taylor was awarded the Fort St. John Youth Award for her work with 1 Kid Making a Difference.
  • Taylor was also a runner up in TedxTeen’s The Next Big Thing video competition.

As she begins high school, Taylor has an ambitious new goal: Provide access to education for as many Malawian girls as possible before she graduates high school. Taylor is just one example of how one person can make a substantial difference in the world.

“One person, one kid can make a difference.”

Let’s Make A Difference!